Zion Williamson Net Worth

Zion Williamson is an American professional basketball player who's net worth of around $3 million. 

Zion Williamson is one of the most well-known American basketball players that plays in the New Orleans Pelicans. 

He is also called Zion Latif Williamson. The power forward as well as a short forward who stands 2.01 meters tall and weighs in the vicinity of 129 kilograms. 

Additionally, Zion Williamson has been playing in the NBA for three seasons and was named for the NBA All-Rookie's initial team during his two seasons. 

Additionally, Zion Williamson has also been picked to be part of his place on the NBA All-Star team. Due to his popularity, Zion Williamson will have many opportunities to support his teammates. 

He's the best player chosen in the amateur draft for the Pelicans for the 2019 NBA Draft. In his professional time in the league, 

Zion Williamson was named "South Carolina Mr. Basketball" at the McDonald's All-American competition.