Update:1883 Season 2: What will be the Future of the Yellowstone Universe Look Like?

Fans have been receiving mixed signals in terms of what to expect from the 1883 prequel series

Sunday in 1883, the prequel to the immensely popular Paramount drama Yellowstone concluded its first season

To avoid specific spoilers for those fans who haven't seen it yet,

roughly half of the main cast members have had hardcore endings,

this first season was "best served as the only season" due to the undeniably conclusive arc

This left many fans wondering what would happen next,

particularly since Paramount announced weeks before the new episodes were ordered.

What followed was a rage of news on sites similar to ours,

speculating what the second season of 1883 would be like.

Then the finale went on the air and anyone who had speculations

about the show's future was suddenly left scratching their heads.

How could there be a second season? The emotional holes left after the finale could not be filled.