The team traded Juan Soto, Josh Bell, Josh Hader, and Brandon Drury. They played the same way you would operate if you had the unit.

Now, it's so simple. The most significant blockbuster about trade deadlines in cinema history was set to wrap up.

And Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo has only the Padres to pay his price-high for a player that he was willing to sell, Juan Soto,

The most sought-after player has ever been put on the market in midseason. Only the Padres have the most value, given their playoff-scarred ownership,

The riverboat gambler that is the GM and the most significant U.S. baseball market without an NFL team is a place where you can go entirely in and even more.

If you're an authentic baseball fan, meaning you believe that there is a possibility of a game is a glimmer of hope, not a mathematical theory,

There's a lot to be grateful for in San Diego. It is a great city. Padres represent a group that you should watch. They are a team that manages in the

Imagine if you could afford to buy a team like Padres owner Peter Seidler does. The Padres are the team you'd love to go on a trip with for an entire weekend in Vegas.

The Orioles is the team you should use to pay your taxes. This MLB trade deadline market turned into a seller's market.