The launch of the 46 Starlink satellites and launching a rocket onto an unmanned drone, SpaceX

The day before, SpaceX unveiled a brand new constellation of Starlink broadband satellites 

In the 5th hour of 5.40 p.m. ET, SpaceX launched Group 3-3 of the Starlink constellation from the Californian Vandenberg Space Force Base 

Its 46 Starlink spacecraft was launched into orbit via an Falcon 9 rocket. Just an hour after launch

The first stage of the rocket came down on top of a drone ship located in the Pacific Ocean.

The satellites were expected to be operational at the end of the second stage, which was about 63 minutes after the launch, after the broadcast was over.

According to an article published by SpaceNews the latest satellites form a element of Group 3,

It is located within an area that could be susceptible for dust "squalls" from a Russian anti-satellite testing that occurred in the month of November in 2021.