It doesn't count what time it was. Truly iconic moments are noway forgotten. 

A videotape of the late, great Kobe Bryant giving props to a youthful Steph Curry recirculated on Thursday after Curry opened up about 

The hassle on the "Point Forward" podcast with soldiers teammate Andre Iguodala and host Evan Turner back in March. 

 It was Curry's novitiate time when the soldiers hosted the Los Angeles Lakers at Oracle Arena. 

The Lakers legend rested on the bench during the fourth quarter while Curry did his best to minimize the soldiers' deficiency. 

 "I suppose they were beating us by 10 or 12, but I was still going," Curry said on the podcast. "( I) hit a

 transition three came back and hit this little spin move, and I hit a step back off the glass." 

Bryant leaned over to Lakers forward Adam Morrison and said commodity Curry would forget.