It's not uncommon to hear about celebrity raw print leaks, but the breaches in

 Sequestration generally comes at the hands of sophisticated hackers. Not toddlers. 

Unfortunately for former NFL player Eric Decker, his son seems to be a technology whiz. In an ago- deleted Instagram post, 

 monumentalized by runner Six, youthful Forrest Decker posed for a selfie with his pater's naked backside visible in the background. 

 People participated in screenshots of the family's explanation for the photoshoot. Jessie James Decker, Eric's woman

 Posted the textbook dispatches she entered from a friend waking her to the mishap. 

" No, I can not stop laughing, Jessie. I can't," they read." I'm not sure if you know he has his phone but if you do not know, go snare it." Eric, meanwhile, 

used his Instagram Stories to write," Time to change the code. so much for letting Forrest watch his punishers vids during my shower."