Sylvester Stallone launched an attack on Irwin Winkler, a veteran producer, over the incident

Rocky movies described Winkler's "untalented, parasitical" nature for not assigning any tasks to him

A portion of the rights to the boxing-movie franchise for which Stallone wrote and directed many entries.

Stallone posted a vulgar caricature of Winkler on social media. He wrote: "I really want..." 

Have at least a bit of WHAT's LEFT from my RIGHTS back. I think that would be a fair gesture from this 93-year-old gentleman.

It is obvious that Winkler's rights will presumably pass on to his children, which include Rocky Balboa producers 

Charles and David Winkler. Stallone said: "This painful topic That eats away at my soul. Because I wanted something Rocky for my kids."

Stallone also uploaded the cover of David Winkler's novel, calling him "the painfully inept... son."