Steve Harvey Speak On breakup of Lori and Michael B. Jordan

It seemed like Lori Harvey, and Creed Star Michael B. Jordan were still one the most adorable couples

the former complimented the former on her Disney-esque look during the Cannes Film Festival opening Red Carpet.

But was rumored to have split with Jordan over the weekend. Steve Harvey, Lori Harvey’s dad, has confirmed that they are not together anymore and shared his view on the matter.

The Family Feud host discussed Lori Harvey's and Michael B. Jordan’s split on the June 6th episode The Steve Harvey Morning Show

At first, he gave a serious account of this tragic ending to their romance, before making jokes about it.

I'm Team Lori 1,000%. She's my child. I love her and support her.

things happen. It's difficult to be young, in the limelight, and have a successful marriage. You can all walk away peacefully, so be friends.

I don't care what you do as long you don't touch my daughter.