The Golden State soldiers player, 34, cried out his son Riley's 10th birthday on Instagram Wednesday, celebrating the nonage corner. 

" July 19, 2012. Ten times of watching you blossom have been stylish of the stylish! Now- stop growing up, so presto, please. We love you ," 

Stephen posted a smiling shot of Riley wearing a" birthday queen" crown with her hands outstretched." Wayyyyy up; she feels blessed! "

Proud mama Ayesha Curry also posted footage of some family fun for Riley's big day to her Instagram Story,

 showing a trip to the hall with her hubby and eldest son. Stephen and Ayesha also partake a son Ryan, 7, and a son Cannon, 3. 

 At the hall, The Full Plate cookbook author participated in a selfie with Riley, identified" Double- number geste 

" in addition to the videotape of herself shooting loops with her NBA star partner. 

In 2015, when she was 2 ½, Riley famously won suckers when she joined her father for a press conference following.