If you're looking for someone to endorse the latest Phoenix Suns guard Damion Lee Damion Lee, you can end your lookup by contacting Steph Curry. 

The Warriors sent a goodbye message via Twitter to Lee who played the past four seasons at Golden State before signing with Phoenix during the offseason. 

Curry who is Lee's father-in-law, following the time Damion got married to his younger sister. 

The Suns hope Lee will help bring some of the winning NBA champion's swagger to Phoenix, 

The team has been short of in the past two seasons, despite promising expectations every time. 

Lee was initially undrafted during the 2015 NBA Draft and climbed through the ranks of the G League before seeing consistent times in the league. 

In the last season, in 63 games the 29-year-old scored 7.4 points and 3.2 rebounding 

and one assist in each game. The player signed a one-year agreement to and the Suns in July of $2.1 million.