Sports World Reacts To The Brittney Griner Guilty New

Many months after Drug charges in Russia, WNBA star Britney Grinner has decided to consider the case. 

On Thursday, Grinner convicted in the Russian court. She is sentenced to 10 years in jail for sentenced 

During her guilty petition, Grinner said she was not intended to break her law 

Would love to have the opportunity to testify to this topic. The hearing is scheduled for July 14. 

"I want to be your honor, guilty. But there was no intention. I didn't want to break the law ..." 

Grinner said. "I want to give my witness later. I want time to build." 

The wide sports world is shocked by the development. 

Some hope that this may be some kind of trick behind the scenes to help her bring her back to the United States. 

Britney Grinner is an eight-time WNBA All-Star who won the WNBA Championship with Phoenix Mercury in 2014. 

She is a two -time league scoring leader, the leader of the blocks, the twice the Olympic gold medalist and the two -time World Cup champion.

Grinner played basketball in Russia for UMMC Ekterinberg to make extra money. 

Even if it is free, it is not possible to see when it will come again. 

The State Department of the United States is negotiating to try again with Russia and to return it, 

But due to the ongoing attacks on Ukraine, there is a great deal of stress on Russia.