Despite playing in the NBA for a better part of a decade and bouncing around the league in the process, 

Brooklyn Nets guard Seth Curry has yet to join his family Steph Curry on the Golden State soldiers. 

In a recent interview, Seth was asked if the idea of playing with his aged family has ever crossed his mind. 

Seth dismissed the idea, saying that he'd prefer to" do my own thing." 

" I have allowed about it as people bring it up, but to me tête-à-tête, I enjoy the kind of being down from him, 

trying to produce my own path and do my own thing," Seth told soldiers bigwig Monte Poole, via NBC Sports. 

The closest the Curry sisters ever got to play on the same platoon was presumably Seth's novitiate season. 

He inked anon-guaranteed contract with the Golden State soldiers and played six preseason games for them in 2013