Sean Penn has described any potential lack of backing by the Academy Awards for the Ukrainian people as “the most obscene moment in all of Hollywood history”

Penn, who has been in Ukraine and Poland making a documentary about the plight of refugees

vowed to publicly melt down his Oscar statuettes if the awards body declined to offer the Ukrainian president

There is nothing greater that the Academy Awards could do than to give [Zelenskiy] an opportunity to talk to all of us,” Penn said. “It is my understanding that a decision has been made not to do it

That is not me commenting on whether or not President Zelenskiy had wanted to

Penn suggested that if the Academy had “elected not to pursue the leadership in Ukraine, who are taking bullets and bombs for us

Earlier this week Amy Schumer, one of the three hosts for this year’s ceremony,

Penn urged a widespread boycott of the event should it be confirmed that no approach to Zelenskiy had been made.

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