Republican Lauren Boebert wins in Colorad

Lauren Bobert, a woman of the terrorist Colorado Republican Congress, on Tuesday night,

attacked her preliminary victory soon after the Church and the state separated according to the US constitution.

She said, "I am tired of the separation of church and state junk.

Dedicated controversial, dedicated by Donald Trump and described by the NBC News as "Maga Lightning Rod", Bobert convinced Bobbert,

a member of the state Senate, Don Koram for the nomination to contest the midterm elections.

At a recent event, Corm (74) told the voters: “My politics is similar to my driving. I think of rush to the middle of both my wife and my Republican colleagues of the middle, and sometimes I think a little. ""

On the contrary, Boibert has deceived Biden during the union address; Democrats at Democrat Ilhan Omar in Minnesota performed racist attacks; Promised to carry a gun on the floor of the house;