Penny Hardaway Net Worth

Penny Hardaway Net Worth is a retired basketball player and coach with a $70 million US fortune. America's most accomplished and well-known retired basketball player,

Penny Hardaway, is currently the Memphis Tigers' basketball college coach. Basketball player Penny Hardaway has had a very successful career.

He participated in the National Basketball League for a total of 14 seasons, winning numerous victories. He was selected in the 1993 season as the third overall pick.

Orlando Magic made the selection of Penny. He previously held the role of shooting guard/point guard. His career lasted for a total of four teams, and it was ended by the Miami Heat in 2007.

In 2015, Penny started working as an assistant coach at East High School. Eventually, he was given coaching duties in the American Athletic Conference.

In his career, Penny Hardaway has received various honours and distinctions, including four NBA All-Star selections and Olympic gold.

he is a former basketball player who is currently the Memphis Tigers' head coach. He also runs a barbershop, a beauty parlour, and a few other businesses in Memphis.