Paul and Jessica Meet the Sandworm in This Dune Comic Preview

As you're reading this the film director Denis Villeneuve is back at working on the second part of what's bound to end with 

being the most epic sci-fi film of his career, Dune. The film won't be on our eyes for an additional year or so but during the interim, 

The story will continue in other media, particularly comics, and Dune the Graphic Novel, Book 2 Muad'Dib is coming soon. 

The third installment in a trilogy of three graphic novel adaptations will be scheduled to be released in August. Io9 is offering a preview of one the most anticipated sequences: 

When Paul Atreides and his mother Lady Jessica traverse the sands of Arrakis by avoiding the Harkonnens and smacking into the ultimate power in the world that is a Sandworm. 

Based on the nova legend of Frank Herbert, the story was modified by Brian Herbert, his son. Brian Herbert 

And Kevin J. Anderson, and includes illustrations by Kevin J. Anderson, and Raul Allen as well as Patricia Martin. Find five unique pages of this slide presentation, and learn how to purchase it now.