Numerology Today, 30 December, 2022: 

Big profit for people with number 4, 7, 9,

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Number- 1

You will get respect in the work area;  you will get rid of all kinds of difficulties in life; Money can be earned;  will be sweetness in family life;  liver problem may arise;  lucky Colour-Light Pink; remedy Donate sugar.

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Number- 2

There can be conflict in job;  economic situation will be mixed;  need to control anger;  there is a problem of diabetes;  lucky color pearly white; Remedy Donate honey.

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Number- 3

Today success can be achieved;   will be profit in business;  economic situation will improve;  family and marital relationships will be sweet;  can go for a walk with your partner in the evening;  mental stress can arise;  lucky color yellow; Remedy Offer food to Brahmins.

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Number- 4

Need to work hard in workplace;  Don't start a new business today;  good time for investment;  there is a possibility of sudden monetary gain; family members will be with you;  sudden disturbance in your health;  Lucky color brown; Remedy Donate green fodder to mother cow.

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Number - 5

Interview will go well:  profit in business;  possibility of getting a job;  will be benefit in the economic situation;  can go for a walk with lover;  You will feel stress free;  lucky color light red; Remedy Keep Suryanarayan mixed with wheat in water.

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Number- 6

Incomplete work will be done;  progress in business;  monetary gain;  new avenues will open;  Will meet lover If you were looking for love;  you will be energetic ;  lucky color pink; Remedy Read Kanak Dhara Stotra.

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Number - 7

Will feel stressed in career;  avoid enemies in business;  do not talk to anyone in anger;  do not trust anyone regarding money;  avoid eating outside food;  lucky color purple; Remedy Worship Goddess Lakshmi.

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Number - 8

You can get a sudden promotion;  profit in business;  situation will be serious regarding money;  there can be discord in the family today;  old diseases can emerge;  lucky color light blue; Remedy Donate copper.

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Number - 9

You will get success in the job;  will get profit in business;  take care of the economic situation;  do not spend unnecessary money;  new relationship will start;  there is a possibility of headache, mental tension may arise;  lucky color red; Remedy Keep Batashe under the God Peepal tree.