Numerology Today, 28 December, 2022: 

Bumper money gain for number 3, 6 and 9,

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Number 1

changes in the workplace but promotions may stop; do not invest money anywhere; Sweetness will remain in love relationship; problems related to eyes and bones can arise; lucky color – orange; Remedy Donate wheat.

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Number 2

There will be profit in job and business; can be rift in old relationships, control your speech; Cough and cold may arise suddenly; lucky color light pink; remedy offer Kheer to Lord Ganesha.

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Number 3

Will get promotion in job; economic situation will be better; Don't trust anyone unnecessarily; possibility of rift in love relationship; bone related problems can arise;  lucky color yellow; remedy Donate Banana.

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Number 4

Start a new job in business; profit in the financial situation; will be sweetness in love relationships; health will be improved in the coming times; lucky color pink; Remedy Apply saffron tilak on the forehead.

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Number 5

Success will be achieved in work; unfinished work can be completed; money economic condition will be strong; there will be improvement in married life; will be energetic; lucky color light green; Remedy Put a pinch of turmeric in water and take a bath.

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Number 6

need to work hard; will get profit in financial condition; time will be spent with the lover; there is a complaint of diabetes; lucky color Bright white color; Remedy Chant the seed mantra of Lord Ganesha.

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Number 7

Ttere will be good news in career; don't let unnecessary money be spent; time is favorable for unmarried people; health will be better; lucky colour complexion cream; Remedy Donate wheat

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Number 8

There can be promotions in the field; financial condition getting better; possibility of sudden monetary gains; relationships will improve; health will improve; lucky color blue; remedy Keep a lump of turmeric in your pocket.

Number 9

There will be profit in career; there is a possibility of money gain; sweetness in love relationships;

mental stress will reduce; lucky color – red; Remedy While leaving the house, definitely eat honey. Image Credit : Google