Numerology 29 December 2022:

 Know how will your today according

 to your number? Image Credit : Google

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Number- 1

Sun is the lord; need to work hard in the workplace; loss in business. Money situation will be serious; Tension in the family; lucky color - yellow, Remedy - apply yellow sandalwood tilak to Vishnu ji on your forehead.

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Number- 2

Moon is the lord ; There will be profit in job and business; better economic situation; love relationship will be good; lucly color - Light blue, Remedy - Offer Malpua to Lakshminarayan ji.

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Number- 3

Jupiter is the lord. Economic situation will improve; will be enthusiasm in love affairs; lucky color – Saffron; Remedy - Chant the seed mantras of the mother.

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Number- 4

Rahu is the lord; success in career; sudden monetary gains; can be trouble in love affairs; lucky Colour- Brown; Remedy- Offer sandalwood garland to Lakshmi Narayan ji.

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Number - 5

Mercury is the lord. Success will be achieved job; good time for business; money gain; will spend time with lover; lucky Colour- Green; Remedy- Bring Tulsi plant in the house.

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Number- 6

Venus is the lord; Need to work hard in career; better economic situation; can take any important decision in love relationship; lucky color – Grey; Remedy - Donate gram dal.

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Number - 7

Ketu is the lord; there will be good news in career; mind money expenditure; unmarried likely to get desired relationship; lucky colour- Cream; Remedy- Offer vermilion to Lakshmi ji.

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Number - 8

Saturn is the lord; there can be promotions in job; good news in business;  financial condition getting better; You can make a program to hang out with your lover; lucky color - Purple, Remedy - Donate banana.

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Number - 9

Mars is the lord. Changes will come in the workplace; there is a possibility of monetary gain. Relationships will improve. There will be benefits in health; lucky color - Orange, Remedy - Offer gram flour pudding to Vishnu ji.