When you think about people who have owned Chicago sports throughout the year

Right behind him has to be Nelson Cruz for the pain he has caused the Chicago White Sox

It has been spent with the Milwaukee Brewers, Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, Minnesota Twins, Tampa Bay Rays, and Baltimore Orioles

it feels like he has dominated the White Sox because of the damage he has done from 2019 to 2021 with the Minnesota Twins.

The Chicago White Sox doesn’t have to deal with Nelson Cruz in 2022.

That is a great deal for Cruz who is still playing at the age of 41 and will turn 42 in July.

It will be nice to see him play in the National League though because we can actually go back to enjoying his game

It would be a tragedy if he is traded back to the AL at the deadline but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

The Minnesota Twins are on fire with the trades so far this during portion of the offseason that is following the lockout

The White Sox won the division with ease and the Twins were the most disappointing team in all of baseball