NBA Point Guard Reportedly Arrested Thursday Morning

On Thursday morning, the New Orleans Pelicans Sharpshooting Point Guard Davont Graham hit the DWI. 

According to the news, the rally was arrested in North Carolina 

After pulling him on the highway patrols, he was in his village around 3am. 

After TMZ booked a Graham, a short time left a Magshot. 

Devont Graham is coming to the second concrete season due to the start of the Pelican PG,

About 12 points and four supports per game. 

27 -year -old initially brakes with the Sharlot Hornets

After a standout career in the Kansas Jayox Backcoort. 

In the past season, Graham and Pels came on a four -year terms, 

$47 million deal after agreeing to a sign and trade to bring him down to NOLA.