Horoscope Today, December 26, 2022: 

Monday offers new beginning! Know how this week will be for all zodiac signs

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Aries :

Mind your own business today: 

control your anger today;  chance to go on a long journey;  money will be spent;  Keep pace with the partner;  lucky number -1; lucky color - orange Image Credit : Google


Pay special attention to food today; 

not a good time to change jobs;  happiness and peace of your partner will  depend on your behavior today;  lucky number-3; lucky color - sky blue Image Credit : Google


Condition of money has remained good;

attachment with the partner will increase;  problems related to money will be solved;  stay away from social media life;  lucky number-6; lucky color - maroon Image Credit : Google


Zodiac lord will remain afflicted by Shani; 

can be worried about your career;  luck is in your favour;  good to spend time with friends;  lucky number-4; lucky color - red Image Credit : Google


Today will make full use of intelligence; 

chances of money gain today;  take special care of health;  can make the relationship even stronger by  going out for a little walk;  lucky number 9; lucky color - Saffron Image Credit : Google


Spending some time with mother today will 

brighten your fortune;  possibility of buying a house; can get promotion in job;  lucky number-5; lucky Colour-Brown: Image Credit : Google


Health will be very good ; 

can travel today;  avoid anger and speak thoughtfully;  avoid unnecessary expenses;  can be a clash with the partner, mind the words;  lucky number -1; lucky Colour- Hot Pink Image Credit : Google

Scorpi o:

The day of profit for the businessmen; 

chances of travel;  can be a big event in the family;  you can buy a new flat or house;  lucky number-8; lucky color - green Image Credit : Google


The chances of relocation are becoming 

very strong; can get ancestral property;  can change the job;  financial crisis can occur;  day is good for real estate transactions;  lucky number-6; lucky Colour-Silver Image Credit : Google


Energy will remain in you today; 

your reputation will increase socially;  there may be differences with your elder brother, control your speech;  partner can give you a gift;  lucky number-9;lucky Colour- Mehndi Color Image Credit : Google


There will be monetary gains from friends; 

mind your speech;  good time to invest in new scheme;  Will spend good time with family;  lucky number -1; lucky Colour- Golden Pitambar Image Credit : Google