Man's murder conviction overturned for son's hot car death

Georgia's Supreme Court overturned Justin Ross Harris' murder conviction. He was a father accused of his son's death in a hot car. 

Many of the evidence related to sexual activity that the jury heard was "needlessly cumulative" and prejudicial. 

Cooper Harris, a 22-month-old boy, died after spending seven hours in Harris' locked SUV in Atlanta while Harris went about his workday. 

Prosecutors argued that Harris deliberately left Cooper in the car so that he could be relieved of his responsibilities and continue his relationship with the women he met online.

The defense argued that Cooper's death was an accident and that Harris had forgotten that his son was in the car.

Harris was convicted in 2016 of murder and child molestation.

Harris did not challenge his conviction for sexual offenses against a minor; Georgia's Supreme Court has ruled that she is guilty.