Man Slammed for Telling Wife No Sex Until She Looks 'More Like Megan Fox'

Machine Gun Kelly might have some competition to his girlfriend, Megan Fox. 

In a now viral Reddit posting from an account that has since been removed the woman said that her husband was 

more enthralled by the actress Megan Fox than his wife and wife, which has resulted in a lack of intimacy between them. 

If that wasn't enough of a bizarre when confronted, he replied, "no one turns me on quite like Megan." 

Its "True Off My Chest" forum post, which is read here it has caught the attention of many. It has been shared more than 14,000 times with over 2,000 responses from disgruntled users. 

Fox the model and actress has 20.4 million Instagram followers, and 1.3 million on Twitter.. 

The woman said she had attempted to lure the partner for hours following dinner, but he eventually stopped. 

But, when an Megan Fox movie began playing at the end of dinner the mood of the man changed and he felt "hot," she said.