The 1989- 90 season was seen as a time of change to the geography of the NBA. The league ate two new brigades into its species,

the Minnesota Timberwolves, and Orlando Magic. The league also introduced new rules, espoused by FIBA, to register tenths of a 

Second on the timepiece in the final nanosecond of a quarter. Not only was the shape of the league changing, but its faces were too. 

 For the first time since 1968- 69, who played a season without Kareem Abdul- Jabbar. That didn't stop Magic Johnson. 

And the Lakers from finishing with the stylish record in the league, however. The Portland Trail Blazers made their way back to the NBA Tests. 

 For the first time since 1977, behind a monster season from Clyde Drexler. David Robinson made his debut for the San Antonio Spurs. 

And fully turned their ballot around. John Stockton broke the single-season record for APG with14.5. That's all before we get to the 

 Detroit Pistons win back-to-back crowns after going through Michael Jordan and the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Tests.