Recently, one scuttlebutt that has circulated about the Los Angeles Lakers is that if they strike out on Brooklyn.

 Nets star Kyrie Irving, they will look to acquire either Buddy Hield or Eric Gordon as a backup plan.

 Their accommodations with Brooklyn regarding Irving have putatively gone nowhere after hotting up in the opening days of July. 

But according to Lakers beat pen Dave McMenamin, the platoon has a commodity bigger in mind than getting Hield or Gordon simply as a consolation prize of feathers. 

Laker's suckers have fixated on Hield since the platoon turned down an occasion to trade for him last summer to land Russell Westbrook instead. 

The 6- bottom- 4 guards would significantly ameliorateL.A.'s 3- point firing, an area that needs lots of enhancement. 

Still, Hield's figures went down this once season. He shot36.6 per cent from 3- the point range, compared to39.1 per cent the time prior.

Gordon has always been an instant offence man throughout his 14 NBA seasons. However, his effectiveness has changed from season to season.

While he shot an outstanding41.2 per cent from town in the 2021- 22 crusade, he was at just32.9 per cent the time before.