Killing Eve Season 4 Introduces an Extremely Unexpected Character

KillingKilling Eve, a show about a stylish assassin hunted by a frumpy MI6 agent, made it easy to fall a little in love with a serial killer.

Now in season 4 Eve, played by Sandra Oh, is once again the focus of the show, and its so much better for it.

Season four makes the focus on Vilanelle at the cost of Eve feel purposeful. The story appears to pick up sometime after season 3 with Eve in a very different place.

The indecisive and nervous desk jockey who liked to croon Disney songs at karaoke and sleep in after drinking too much has been replaced with a focused killer — a killer who jog

BBC America sent myself and other critics the first three episodes of the fourth season, and we see a lot of old loose plot threads get snipped off in those episode

It’s fascinating to watch Eve practically seethe in her interactions with Villanelle. She’s furious, but there’s this queer thread of real care and concern 

But while Villanelle is making amends and trying to avoid murdering others, she’s no less interesting. The show still manages to find a way to revel in the chaos Villanelle delights in creating.