Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Reacts Emotionally to ‘Star Spangled Banner’ Being Sung by a ‘Diverse’ Group

After hearing this amazing presentation of the Star-Spangled banner, Karim Abdul-Jabbar expressed his happiness and happiness. The NBA experienced person may not be happy after hearing the

beautiful tune of the sound of voices on different backgrounds. The song represented Karim Abdul-Jabbar of the United States of the United States.

Abdul-Jabbar acknowledged that he no longer enjoy listening to the various presents of the national anthem. In fact, the former Lakers

Center has heard many different editions of the song in his career. Therefore, he no longer likes to find the work of new artists.

However, after listening to this version of the song, the 7'2 ″ monster had to change its thinking.

American filmmaker Michael Moore sent the song Abdul-Jabbar from his daughter's degree

And the NBA legend was surprised by his glory.