Jody Allen makes a statement about whether she will sell the blazer

 "Jody" is an American professional women, entrepreneur and philanthropic. 

She is the sister of Microsoft's co-founder Paul Len Lan 

he served as CEO of Investing and Project Management Company, Valnk Ink, since its inauguration in 1986 till 1986. 

The current team owner, Jody Allen, made a statement on Tuesday and announced her current plans to run the franchise. 

Portland Insider John Kanzano had predicted in May that the team would be sold "6 to 12 months", but Len Lan now claims that it is 10 to 20 years. 

After the death of owner Paul Len Lan in 2018 at the age of 65, his sister's couple took control of the franchise and has been running it since then. 

According to her statement, the pair will eventually change her brother's wealth into philanthropy,  

but there is no current intention to sell a blazer or Seattle Cyox, on which she owns a share.