Janet Jackson Net Worth


After Michael Jackson's death, Michael's daughter, Paris Jackson, inherited a fortune from his estate.  


However, his sister Janet Jackson also received significant assets of 60 60 million from the estate.  

assets and investments 

Janet Jackson owns more than 14 real estate properties, 7 cars, 3 luxury boats. Janet Jackson also owns more than 25 25 million in cash. 

assets and investments 

Janet Jackson also has an investment portfolio of 14 stocks valued at 30 30 million. 


Janet Jackson recently bought a Lamborghini Aventor for 1 million. Janet Jackson also owns a Bugatti Veyron worth 2 million. Some of the other cars owned by Janet Jackson are listed below.  


McLaren 720s  Range Rover   Aston Martin DBX 

 Net Worth

In order to calculate the fair net worth of Janet Jackson, we need to deduct her liability from her total assets. To build her business empire, Janet Jackson has borrowed and secured more than 52 52 million from leading banks in the United States. 

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