On any given night, Stephen Curry will probably be the lowest joe on an N.B.A. court. 

Although small in elevation Steph is gargantuan in points. 

A player that we give the title of the Greatest Shooter of All Time(G.S.O.A.T.).

Several times agone, the N.B.A. has started a “ disquisition ” into the factual heights of their players.

Bruited to be linked to laying statistics, but that’s a story for another day. 

Some players have been smoothly indicted of fudging an inch or two in their published height. 

I know I’ve been 5 ’ 11 ” on a couple of occasions, at a bar on a Friday night. 

But not Steph Curry. Back to the question, how altitudinous is he? 

The answer is Stephen Curry’s height is six ′ two ″(1.88 m) without shoes and six ′ three ″(1.91 m) with shoes.