Kevin Durant reportedly has Miami and Phoenix on the list of his top destinations to trade

And now and now that and now that the Suns are probably out of the race, Miami is reportedly working to buy assets to create a blockbuster deal.

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, the Heat are looking to purchase several draft selections.

Or send to Brooklyn to receive Kevin Durant or Utah to either send Kevin Durant to Brooklyn or Utah for Donovan Mitchell. The Heat are currently the only team in the league.

Two picks in the first round they can trade with the Jazz are said to be looking for an even larger haul of picks than the ones they got for Rudy Gobert.

However, the Nets are likely to have no interest in the products the Heat sell.

that Bam Adebayo is not on the market in trade packages that came from Miami, which means that the Nets will receive their main compensation in the form of

Durant trades would include Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson. According to Helin, the Nets are "lukewarm" on the Herro-Robinson deal.