HBO Max just showed the future Netflix can look forward to

Netflix plans to introduce a cheap, advertising-supported membership level in the near future-and if the success of HBO's equivalent tire is anything, then the stream winner.

In a recent survey conducted by Insider (opens in a new tab), 28% of the HBO Max-Subscribeing people said they were currently signing up to the advertising membership level of the platform-a cheaper version of the platform. Year.

For $ 9.99 per month (about £ 8 / AU $ 14), customers of HBO Max's advertisement version can access the same library at standard level films and TV shows

If you do not have the ability to download the material to view offline or it flows to higher quality by 1080 P.

According to the study of Insider, 1,600 adults have been surveyed in the United States, so its findings are crucial. However, this amazing 28% figure is likely to be indicator of nationwide trends

Given the opportunity to do so, the flowing service consumers cooperate with the growing industry that is ready to accept the cheap, advertising-support membership column.

Netflix and his executive officer will get data as a welcome recovery for FOD, which is currently creating their own advertising membership level to reduce the loss of recent customers of the flowing service.