Wide receiver Demerius Thomas's death was Stage 2 CTE

Former NFL Video receiver Dimarus Thomas has been diagnosed with posthumous neurodogenetic disease that is commonly known as CTE

his family and The Conscious Legisi Foundation announced on Tuesday.

Doctors at the Boston University's Chronic Traumatic Ensphalopathy (CTE) Center were determined by Thomas

who was found dead in Roswell on December 9, Georgia. Stage 4 is the most serious.

Thomas was only 33 years old at the time of death and he retired from NFL for less than six months.

Thomas's mother, Katina Smith, said in a statement, "Once I was aware of the CTE and I became familiar with those symptoms,

I realized that Demarius was separating himself and I saw other changes in him," said Katina Smith. A statement said.

"He was very young, and he was very terrible to struggle. His father and I hope that all families will learn the dangers of playing football.