Cheryl, wife of Britney Greener, is "very angry" at not being able to reach the WNBA star for her anniversary.

Brittany Greener, who is currently in custody in Russia

Due to a lack of staff at the embassy, his wife, Cheryl, was unable to celebrate her fourth anniversary with a scheduled phone call on June 18.

The couple, Cheryl, the wife of Britney Greener, were upset that they could not celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary over the phone over the weekend.

During a June 20 conversation with the Associated Press, Cheryl clarified that she

The WNBA star - who is currently in prison in Russia - could not be reached for comment

His special day was June 18 because she said the embassy in Moscow had no staff.

"I was upset. I was hurt. I'm done, bored," she told the publication. "I'm sure I texted BG's agent and it said: 'I don't want to talk to anyone.