Boston's Jason Tatum is ranked sixth in the 2022 Kia Most Valuable Player Awards.

All-star Boston Celtics forward Jason Tatum came in sixth out of a total of 43 votes out of a panel of 100 sportswriters and broadcasters for a total of 43 points 

with 8th-ranked and 19th-fifth votes for the 2022 Kia Most Valuable Player Award. 

 Won the award along with the Milwaukee Bucks 'Giannis Antetoconpo (595 points) and the Phoenix Sons' Devin Booker (216 points).

Luca Donsic of Dallas Mavericks (146 points in total) received more votes than Tatum in the respective order.

The ballot, tabulated by independent accounting firms Ernst & Young LLP, is the first to include Tatum in the top 10 of the results.

Even if the native of St. Louis continues to extend his game so far in his career, we highly doubt he will be the last.

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