Anime: Naruto loved Hinata way before 

he himself knew

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 Seeing Neji's behaviour towards Hinata 

made him angry so Naruto dedicated his fight 

with Neji at Chunin exam. Image Credit : Google

Naruto turned into Nine-tails that too at an advanced level just because he thought 

Pain killed Hinata. 

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 In a scene during the Great Ninja War, 

Naruto held Hinata's hand after Neji died to show

 trust in her to fight Madara Uchiha.  Image Credit : Google

Naruto was caring for all but when Toneri Otsutsuki 

tried to kidnap Hinata, he chased and fought 

to save his love.  Image Credit : Google

In Naruto: The Last, Hinata confesses his love 

and Naruto says: I Love You. 

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We remember how Hinata fell in love with Naruto. 

Even he had nothing and was just a child, he stood

 up for Hinata against the bullies.  Image Credit : Google

During the Chunin Exam, Hinata was loosing. It's when, Naruto shouted and cheered up her. This was the first time somebody showed trust in Hinata. 

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Once Hinata was training herself in a dance fashion in waterfall. Naruto, however, could not figure out that's Hinata but called that woman the most beautiful one. 

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