The Observer writer Sarah Hughes died at just 48. Her husband talks about how he is coping and the launch of the memoir that was so dear to her

some of the bereaved, the torrent of promotional Mother’s Day emails at this time of year is more upsetting than the day itself.

This is certainly the case for Kristian Glynn, whose wife, the accomplished journalist Sarah Hughes, died of cancer last April aged 48.

“Those messages are relentless,” he tells me, as he and their two teenage children approach the first anniversary of her death.

Mother’s Day was never a big event inside their home and this year Glynn has no formal plans to mark the moment.

with Ruby, 15, and Oisin, 13, he will have the sort of regular Sunday that Hughes always enjoyed.

“Her beloved ritual was to have a big meal and a moment of peace with all the newspapers in front of her

then to chuck all the finished sections into the middle of the room,” he says.