Kawhi Lenard has not played since the Los Angeles Clippers_ 2021 Playoffs. 

They lost 6 in the Western Conference Finals against the Suns. However, his torn ACL didn't cause any problems.

Stop him signing a huge 4-year extension with Steve Ballmer's company last offseason, worth $176 million.

This contract protects the New Balance athlete until the end of the 2024-25 seasons when he will be

Age 33 Technically, Kawhi has the option to leave during that season.

The Clippers in the summer of '24, but if he remains, he will be an unrestricted and free agent in the next offseason.

Many of the decisions Kawhi Leonard made in his career up to now have had a direct

Influence from Dennis Roberston, his uncle. Leonard has always been an 'uncle Dennis.'